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Hidden Places in Cornwall

October 26, 2015  •  2 Comments

Hidden Places in Cornwall

Jessica Gibson in Bodmin, CornwallJessica Gibson in Bodmin, CornwallJessica Gibson in Bodmin, Cornwall

Although we do use studios for some of our shoots, we much prefer to work on location.  Not only do other places provide an infinite variety of backgrounds, but they also pose their own unique challenges and that is really one of the best ways to learn.

So when Jessica, a young model in the West Country approached us for some images for her modelling portfolio, we scouted around Cornwall for some ideas and places we had not used before.

Jessica GibsonJessica GibsonJessica Gibson There are many hidden places in Cornwall, and some of them are real gems.  We found a place near Bodmin, part of a ruined priory, and took some location shots a  few days before.  We checked the weather forecast and worked out where the sun would be at various times of the day.  Preparation is key to so many things.

Although we arrived on the day in good time, our model Jessica was already there before us, and that is always a good sign.  Of course, as time went on we worked with Jessica and combined ideas with what we knew was already there.

Jessica GibsonJessica GibsonJessica Gibson So, next time you are thinking about some photos, maybe for yourself, for a loved one, or just family portraits as a piece of beautiful art, think of the hidden places that can lend that extra something to the final result.  We know of quite a few, so please feel free to ask us - and if you have any yourself that you'd like to share with us, then we'd love to hear from you!




Barnett International Photography
Hi Pete,

Are you looking for a photoshoot in North Cornwall somewhere? I think that's what you are asking when you say you don't know any un-clichéd places! You want a portrait shoot of yourself and partner?

There are quite a few coves further out from Padstow, towards and beyond Trevose Head we use quite a lot.

However, most of our clients are more than happy with images showing Constantine or Treyarnon in the background. If you just need a wall, or some overheard shelter from direct light, then almost anywhere on North Coast is good.

There are actually some lovely little valleys, and bridges with streams, old farm ruins etc if you venture down some of the lanes. That's where we often take our clients - there are some real gems hidden away if you know where to look!

Have you got a copy of the book, "St Merryn - it's Bays & Byways" by Jack Ingrey? Well worth a read.
Pete allen(non-registered)
Hi really struggling to find un-cliched places in cornwall north

Any tips?
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